While fashion and trends are often cyclical, there are some aspects that come in out of the blue and transform the way people behave and act. There is no denying that the emergence of the internet has transformed the way people look for property and the selling process has been transformed. At Oaks Estate Agents, we are pleased to say that we offer many traditional aspects of the property market process, but we know that there are many benefits to be gained from digital processes and modern ways.

There is an assumption within the UK property market, that everyone is looking to buy and that people only rent because they cannot afford to buy property. This isn’t the case and in the current climate, even though many tenants have found themselves prices out of the property market, there is a growing number of people who aren’t looking to buy property, regardless of their financial circumstances.

In life, you’ll find that a good motto to follow is “hope for the best yet prepare for the worst”. This is certainly the case when it comes to the property market and selling property. At Oaks Estate Agents, we are always on hand to assist you and we believe that we can help you minimise the risk of something going wrong when selling your home. However, there are so many external factors that influence the property market that sometimes bad things happen. Hopefully you will never experience a gazundering, but it appears this strategy is gaining prominence again in the UK.

There is no denying that first-time buyers have long felt a sense of frustration in trying to get on to the property ladder in London. There are many factors which impact on the ability to buy homes but there was a belief that first-time buyers were being prohibited or even blocked from buying property because landlords and investors were buying a high proportion of the available property. This belief was seen in the fact that the Government has introduced so many regulations and measures that support first-time buyers while minimising landlords ability to pay, and there is a suggestion that these measures have paid off.

Given the challenges of the rental market in London, it is fair to say that landlords have a trying time running their business. At Oaks Estate Agents, we are on your side, which is why we work hard to ensure you remain up to date with the latest regulations and rules that impact on your business. There is a change coming into effect on the 1st of October 2018 and it will affect many landlords in Streatham and across the capital. The latest issue which is being focused on the rental market is HMO letting.

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