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It makes sense that people are looking for ways to generate additional income or find a new career. Given the economic pressure and challenges that many of us face, it is vital that people review their finances and decide if there is a better way to make a living.

There is no denying that for many people, online estate agents offer a big benefit. Price. There is no sense in denying this. Given the current economic climate and the cost of property, people need to look at the finances of property deals very closely and the fact that online estate agents offer a much more affordable service than traditional agents will appeal to a lot of people.

We don’t want to alarm anyone in Streatham but there will be some people planning for Christmas. Yes, summer has just concluded and there is a lot of autumn to enjoy but depending on people’s circumstances, there may be a need to prepare for the festive season.

Selling your home is stressful and there are many things to consider. While it is vital that you consider your home and the impact of the local area, it is also important that you focus on prospective buyers.

London housing market

Even though there are many factors that shape and influence behaviour in the property market, the supply of housing is one of the biggest elements. Even though the media will tell you that Brexit is the overriding factor in the property market, and British, an insufficient supply of housing incapable of meeting demand has played a huge role in rising property prices.

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