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It is all too easy to dwell on the negative aspect of the British property market, but there are still reasons to be positive. It isn’t always easy to remain cheerful when so many media outlets focus on the doom and gloom element of the London and British property market, but deals are taking place and vendors are selling their home. At Oaks Estate Agents, we work hard on your behalf and we are determined to ensure you receive the best support and guidance when you look to sell your home in Streatham.

Even though there is a prominent level of demand for rental accommodation in London, life isn’t always easy for landlords. At Oaks Estate Agents, we have helped many Streatham landlords care for their tenants and provide a better standard of service, and this is because there are better ways of working when you are a landlord.

Anyone who has paid attention to the London property market in recent times won’t be surprised to learn that there are now no homes to buy at less than £100,000.

You probably don’t need Oaks Estate Agents to tell you that selling your home in London is difficult, but you need Oaks Estate Agents to tell you that you can sell your home.

It turns out that new build properties in the United Kingdom have been built to smaller dimensions every decade since the 1970s.

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