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January is a month where it seems like the entire world makes changes to their life. The amount of New Year resolutions that get made in a hurry is startling and it is understandable that many of these resolutions fall by the wayside in next to no time. However, there are some things worth persevering with, and it is possible to make significant changes to your life.

It would be fair to say that landlords face many challenges in letting property these days, but there are many reasons to be optimistic about the market. The demand for rental property is such that there is an opportunity to find tenants quickly. This doesn’t mean that landlords should rush into letting property but by undertaking proper research, and by getting help from local professionals like ourselves, there are reasons why local landlords can look forward to 2019.

Sometimes facts and figures surrounding the property market make for uneasy reading. The media are always looking for eye-grabbing headlines and this can lead to stories being presented without the full story. At Oaks Estate Agents, we know the property market can be challenging and a lot of people have genuine concerns.

We are now moving into a very busy time of year for many people, but this doesn’t mean that you can no longer sell or let your home. In fact, the pressing deadlines associated with this time of year may mean that there are some people who are extremely keen to move home sooner rather than later. Streatham and Norbury have a lot to offer and while it isn’t always easy to sell or let property, we are here to help you act fast and effectively this year.

There has been a lot going on with respect to politics in Britain recently, and some major events may have been overlooked. Usually, the Budget is one of the biggest days in the political calendar but with Brexit looming over the country, there hasn’t been a considerable amount of focus on the Budget this year.

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