We know what buyers are looking for, and we understand the local property market. Property transactions are still taking place, and with our help, you increase your chances of selling your home effectively.

Price your home competitively

It stands to reason that you should set a competitive price for your home. If you place a low price, you will generate a lot of interest, but you will lose out on some money. If you set a high price, you may cause prospective buyers to ignore your home. If you generate little to no interest in your home, you struggle to sell your property.

If you initially price your house at a high level and lower the price, you may raise suspicion amongst buyers. Today’s house buyer is savvy, and they review the market. When they see a home drop in price, they will ask questions, and they will have concerns. Some vendors have found that dropping the price of their home doesn’t help them sell their home because buyers have doubts about the house.

Therefore, it is vital that you price your home appropriately from the start. If this means spending a bit more time researching the market and valuing your home, it will be better in the long run. Everyone is in a rush to sell their home and delays can seem damaging, but in the long-term, it is better to set the right price.

Get feedback on your home and listing

In an ideal world, you do everything right, and buyers love your listing and arrange viewings quickly. From there, you would receive suitable offers, and you would accept, selling your home in next to no time.

However, even great homes with a robust listing can take some time to sell, so it is best to get as much feedback as you can. Also if you and your estate agent think you have pitched the house perfectly, there is no guarantee that buyers will agree.

If you have the chance, ask people for feedback on the listing and the house. It may be that a prospective buyer can offer you constructive criticism which can help you connect with future buyers. There is no point in becoming frustrated at not selling your home straight away; there may be genuine reasons as to why buyers aren’t making an offer or arranging viewings.

The sooner you realise the problems you have, the sooner you can resolve them, and the faster you can sell your home.

You will also find that help from a skilled and experienced local estate agent helps sell your home. When you are looking to make a move, contact Oaks Estate Agents, and we will be more than happy to assist you in selling your home.

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