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If you want the best standard of tenant in your property, you will have to attract the best tenant. Knowing what tenants are looking for when you let property is an excellent starting point and you’ll find that this information allows you to steal a march on other landlords in and around Streatham.

Natural light is very popular with tenants

Even though not many prospective tenants will cite natural light as being hugely important for them in a rental property, it is a subconscious wish that influences decisions. A property with a lot of natural light seems welcome and spacious, making it far more likely that a prospective tenant will develop an interest in the property.

If you already own the property, you may think that there isn’t too much you can do to influence the amount of natural light that floods into the home, but you can make sure that what light enters the property is maximised.

Make sure that any desks, tables and chairs don’t block light coming into the room and you should ensure that curtains are fully pulled back during a visit.

Also, consider your lighting options in the rental property. Ensure light fittings have a cover on them and it is currently considered better to have a range of smaller lights around a room as opposed to having one big light illuminating the entire area.

Consider your stance on white goods

Depending on who you ask, white goods are either an essential item for landlords to provide or they should be avoided. There are positive and negative elements to the use of white goods so think about your most likely tenant and what they are looking for.

If you let to families, they may have white goods of their own, so may not need yours. There will also be some landlords who think that if a tenant buys white goods for the flat, they will be more likely to stick around. These are positive arguments and you can see why some tenants and landlords prefer for white goods to be not be supplied. The fact that a property without white goods is likely to be cheaper may be an issue for some tenants too.

However, there will be tenants who want white goods, particularly if you focus on the student or young professional market. If you are investing in the white goods market, opt for a big freezer. In the present day, people want space to freeze food items, so they can buy in bulk, saving money, and with more people taking time to prep their food for the week ahead, ample freezer space makes a property more appealing.

Other things which many tenants want to see in a rental property include:

  • Strong broadband connection
  • Sufficient storage space
  • A garden or outside area

When you provide what tenants are looking for, you’ll have more prospective tenants showing an interest in your rental property. This creates a greater chance to find the ideal tenant for your home, which will hopefully help you enjoy being a landlord more.

If you are a Streatham landlord, or you are considering becoming one, and you are looking for help, contact Oaks Estate Agents. We are pleased to say we have helped many local landlords and we look forward to assisting you too.


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