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We are Streatham property market specialists and we’re delighted to say we have helped many homeowners sell their home, and we want to help you. There are many factors that help you sell your home but if you know what buyers want to see in your home, and then you give it to them, you will have a better chance of success.

We’re pleased to say that we have worked closely with homeowners to present and promote their home, as we know what local people want, but we also pay attention to studies and research. One of the most interest studies into what prospective buyers look at during a property viewing came when guests were provided with eye-tracking goggles.

This means that no matter what individuals said was most important to them, the goggles tracked what they were looking at, and this is information that you can use to ensure you please prospective buyers.

Windows are essential in selling your home

The aspect that was most important for property buyers was windows. This makes sense but don’t just think that prospective buyers are looking out of your window to see what the view is like. If you can offer a tremendous view from your home, you will increase your chances of making a sale, but buyers are also looking for insulation and security.

The insulation standard or quality of your windows is crucial. Given the cost of energy bills and the importance of energy efficiency, homeowners are keen to see windows that are in fantastic condition. Ideally, the windows should be double-glazed and in good condition with no cracks, gaps or leaks. If your windows are in a dependable condition, you will impress buyers but if your windows can be improved, take steps to improve your windows.

Equally, the security aspect of your windows is essential because windows and doors are common points of entry during a break-in. If your windows are robust and don’t provide opportunities for thieves to break in, prospective buyers will feel more confident in following up their initial interest on your home.

Remember storage space is vital in selling a home

You will also find that prospective buyers are interested in the storage space on offer at your home. Viewers took the time to open up cabinets and made sure they checked out storage spaces. It is best to not leave these areas empty but equally, you don’t want to fill these areas.

Some vendors may be tempted to cram their storage space to maximise the space in other parts of the home but if a buyer sees a cramped storage space, it is likely that they will be turned off by what is on offer. If you need to hire external storage space to improve the way you present your property, do so because this will pay off in the longer-term.

Another interesting finding case in the fact that prospective buyers pay much more interest to ceilings than floors. This doesn’t mean you can neglect the floors at your home, they should be spotless and in excellent condition, but equally, consider the importance of your ceiling fixtures and features.

If you’re looking to sell your home, know what buyers are looking for. For the best standard of support and guidance in reaching prospective buyers, contact Oaks Estate Agents and we will be happy to assist you.

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