At Oaks Estate Agents, we know that finding the right mortgage can be difficult and a bit scary. However, we are always on hand to help and here is a guide to the different types of mortgages for your consideration. While there are many different types of mortgages to consider, they commonly fall under one of two types of mortgage, the fixed rate mortgage and the variable rate mortgage.

Fixed rate mortgage

With this style of mortgage, you pay the same rate of interest for the duration of the agreement, and this means you make the same payments every single month. This style of mortgage is available for a set period of time, such as a two year deal or a five year fixed rate mortgage.

The advantage of this style of mortgage is that you know exactly what you have to pay each month.

Variable rate mortgages

With a variable rate mortgage, the interest rate can change at any time, which means the amount you pay each month can differ. If interest rates fall, you will pay less on your mortgage for that month and if interest rates rise, you will pay more on your mortgage.

There is a broad range of variable rate mortgages to choose from.

Standard variable rate mortgage (SVR)

This is the normal, or standard, interest rate provided by your choice of lender and if you have this style of mortgage, it will remain in place until you switch mortgages or your mortgage concludes.

Discount rate mortgage

This is a mortgage based around a lender’s SVR but with a discount applied for a certain amount of time. This allows you to save money but it is important to review your options because there are many different deals on offer from different lenders.

You also need to focus on the overall rate, not just the discounted rate. As an example:

  • If Bank Y has a SVR or 6% and offers a 2% discount, you will pay 4%
  • If Bank Z has a SVR of 5% and offers a 1.5% discount, you will pay 3.5%

The discount offered by Bank Z is smaller but due to the lower SVR, it provides the most attractive rate from the two lenders.

Tracker mortgages

This style of mortgage is one that moves in line with another rate of interest. Like other variable rate mortgages, if the interest rate falls you can pay less but if the interest rate rises, you will pay more on your mortgage payment. Other mortgage types to consider include:

  • Capped rate mortgage where the rate will not rise beyond a set level
  • Cashback mortgage where the borrower receives money back at the start of the agreement
  • Offset mortgage where your savings and current account are linked to your mortgage, with holders only paying interest on the difference between the two

If you would like guidance on which mortgage is best for you, please contact Oaks Estate Agents.

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